client: Mikavaa GmbH, DieboldNixdorf
genre: virtual reality app
year: 2016
tools: blender, unity


Diebold Nixdorf Retail VR

This app is one of several virtual reality apps which we created for and together with our colleagues from Mikavaa GmbH.
Based on a layout from Mikavaa we built, textured and shaded an entire supermarket. The goal was to illustrate the possibilities of Diebold Nixdorf’s self-checkout systems and ATM machines in the retail store of the future.
The sheer amount of individual products, fruits and vegetables was a real challenge to work with, but using Blender’s linking, proxies and linked scenes it ended up quite managable. Since it is a mobile application using realtime geometry wasn’t an option. Therefore we used the same workflow we used in other our other VR apps: pre-rendered cubemaps for the environment mixed with realtime geometry for the interactive elements.
Modeling, Shading, Rendering: Sebastian Koenig
Programming, App Development: Simeon Conzendorf