This is us!

Simeon Conzendorf

Simeon is a 2D/3D motion designer from Leipzig, don’t likes writing a description about himself, co-founder of the framebrothers, trainer for 3Designer from ORAD and combines Blender, Avid, AE, PS and Unity to make… digital shizzle.
First and foremost however, he’s our Unity and coding magician, making VR and AR experiences as pleasant as possible!


Sebastian König

After his diploma for art education at the University for Art&Design Halle he started to work as a 3D & VFX freelancer. Now he is our main 3D content creator, technical artist, render wrangler and responsible for our 3D and render pipeline. Pathtracing all the pixels!
Being a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer he is also giving courses and training for Blender3D.


3D Visualisation

We build new worlds.
3D makes the impossible possible.
From architectural visualization to character modeling for 3d printing, everything can be modeled, textured, rendered.


We create virtual reality.
We have a unique toolset and workflow to create high quality mobile VR applications. Cardboard, iOS, Android, Gear VR – we can deliver super crisp and interactive content!


We make the invisible visible.
From motiontracking to greenscreen keying, from physics simulations to motion graphics, we offer everything you need for your movie, image film or advertising campaign.


We move what doesn’t exist.
Need a little alien or a giant robot?
A flying saucer?
An animated gallery?
We build it and we animate it!
From character animation to scientific process visualization, we make your ideas come to life!