client: Schlösserland Sachsen
genre: virtual reality app
year: 2016
tools: blender, unity


Rochlitz VR

“Rochlitz VR” is a virtual reality app which we did for 
Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gemeinnützige GmbH ( 
It’s a virtual reconstruction of a one of the chambers from the old castle “Schloss Rochlitz” in Saxony, Germany. Today you can see the remains of 5 different periods from the 800 years long history of the “captain’s chamber” (“Hauptmannsstube”) in that room. Together with conservators and museologists from the castle’s museum we reconstructed, modeled, textured and rendered the captain’s chamber how it might have looked like in the romanic, gothic and renaissance period. The high resolution stereoscopic panoramas, rendered with Blender, where then taken to the game engine Unity, where we put interactive elements to the scenes in order to create an intuitive and immersive VR experience, which the visitors of the castle will be able to enjoy with a Gear VR headset.
Modeling, Shading, Rendering: Sebastian Koenig
Programming, App Development: Simeon Conzendorf