Putting virtual elements into a movie is easy, as long as the camera doesn’t move. But a movie without a moving camera? That’s boring! So if you want to insert CG elements into a scene you will need a 3D camera that does the same as the camera that you have filmed with! With our own tracking software we can track the motion of your camera and figure out the lens parameters in order to place anything you want in your shots. And if you need to exchange the head of your main actor, don’t worry. We can do that too.


Nothing looks as hot as a real fire. Unfortunately putting actors into a burning house is often not the best idea so you’d better use digital fire. Any kind of digital fire, smoke, water, particle or physical body interaction, we can simulate and render it.

Cleanup, Keying, Masking

In almost every movie there are shots where you capture things on camera that you wish where not there. That can be the green screen background that you need to remove, the tracking markers on the wall that you want to get rid of, the cable on the floor that someone forgot to remove or a wrong photo in the hands of your actor. Whatever it is, we can remove it, change the content, put something else on top of it – we’ll fix it in post!