YES. We create content for virtual reality.

Virtual Reality is awesome. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard on Android or IOS,… we bought, testet and loved these devices.

We love the feeling of immersion, the feeling of being there”, when you look at stereoscopic 360 content with a VR headset.
Since 2014 we have specialized in creating interactive high resolution stereoscopic content. We have developed a workflow that allows us to embed animated and interactive content seamlessly into photo realistic 3D environments without the typical visual artifacts that almost all 360° videos are suffering from.  
So if you need someone to create a stunning virtual experience for your museum, trade show or event, feel free to contact us!
Below you find some of the projects we have been working on.

Rochlitz VR

“Rochlitz VR” is a virtual reality app which we created for 
Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gemeinnützige GmbH (  
It’s a virtual reconstruction of a one of the chambers from the old castle “Schloss Rochlitz” in Saxony, Germany. Today you can see the remains of 5 different periods from the 800 years long history of the “captain’s chamber” (“Hauptmannsstube”) in that room. Visitors of the castle will be able to enjoy the app with a Gear VR headset.


Did you ever want to watch Big Buck Bunny in 3D but don’t have a giant stereoscopic home cinema? Or maybe you want to visit Franck’s island from Project Gooseberry to watch Cosmos Laundromat there? Now that doesn’t take you more than just a Google Cardboard and your smartphone. Watch your favorite Blender movies in VR! For more infos see also our blog-entry.


VR Branch Concept

Branch Concept is a VR App that we created with our colleagues and friends from Mikavaa for a leading global provider of IT solutions and services for retail banks and retail companies.
The “Branch Concept”-App shows a fictional design of a future bank branch equipped with the latest ATM developments. It is mainly used for customer presentation purposes, but also shown at exhibitions and trade fairs.


It’s a stereoscopic gallery where artists can share their virtual worlds and a tool where they can upload renderings to test and review renderings. More infos on

VR ArchViz Pavilion

Inspired by the amazing Barcelona Pavilion by the great Ludwig Mies van der Rohe we created this demo of a virtual pavilion where you can visit three places in a beautiful 3D environment.

It’s very simple to use:

1. Start the app
2. Put the phone in your VR cardboard
3. You can look around freely in 360 degrees.
4. Navigate the VR environment just by focusing at the white interactive control elements.


Look around with your smartphone and enjoy the song “junkfoe” using your virtual glasses (google cardboard) – or just look around by draging your finger over the screen.

For best exerience this App needs a FAST smartphone with a gyroscope.