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Technical Artist & App Development: Simeon Conzendorf
2D/3D Compositing & VFX: Falk Johnke
Director, Idea & Screenplay: Susanne Kim
Art Direction, Screenplay & Drawings: Franziska Junge
Soundconception & Soundscape: Cornelia Friederike Müller


2018 – 2021


unity, blender, after effects, photoshop

Cabinets of Wonder is a feature length documentary movie, for which we produced the accompanied VR experience series. The VR experience lets us directly witness the wishes, dreams and imaginations of the children which are the protagonists of the movie. Each user acts independently within the VR experience and follows the dramaturgy of a story which they choose in a playful way.

Set in a colourful, imaginary world, users can use a controller to interact with plenty of objects in the “main cabinet of wonder” which acts as a starting point of the VR experience. The main cabinet houses a collection of curiosities, such as sparkling diamonds, a talking fish, a lion, a bust smashing on the floor, guinea pigs dancing in drawers, a lamp playing water music, a real jungle and much more – all of which were conceived by our children to create their own world.

By interacting with the objects in the main cabinet and finding the right ones to combine with each other, children can enter even more different cabinets, all of which are themed by the main characters of the movie. There you can experience a relaxed raft trip, make music by adjusting the pitch of different tones made by bugs, dive into the story of Roya or play with items on a completely new planet.

The app is a combination of stereoscopic 360° renderings with interactive elements, overlays and stereoscopic footage of real people integrated into the virtual environment.

main cabinet panorama
elias cabinet panorama
jolines cabinet panorama
rojas cabinet panorama
wisdom cabinet