AR App Development: Simeon Conzendorf
Project Management: Marc Dietsche


2019 – 2021 (work in progress)


unity, blender



Experience learning together in new dimeons: That’s the goal of HEARTUCATE. It’s about creating interactive and educational stories in Augmented and Mixed Reality environments, where children and youngsters experience challenges together as a team.

To approach that ambitious goal, we came in charge of experimenting with different technologies and created a prototype which can be used to demonstrate the functionality of the concept. For now the App can be experienced by using simple Tablets and a real life tracker. Up to 4 players and an additional supervisor, e.g. a teacher, gather around a table which simultaneously works as a real life tracker to set up the coordinates for the Augmented Reality environment which is created in real time around the users.

Before implementing a playable story set in an artificial world, we integrated an experimental lab space, to test features such as network communication, team decisions or audio messages for individual players to make those functions accessible in future versions if needed.

After a short introduction and setting up the tracking coordinates by simply surrounding a real world table with tablets in hand, we find ourselves in an arctic scenery created with 3D-objects, which blend into the real world seen through the screen of each player.

By collaborating and collecting different items in our inventory, we can chase a polar bear away from a research station seen far in the distance. The first challenge has been mastered and now we can enter the research station to talk with Professor Aureus, which has been trapped there and is waiting for the research ship “Polarstern”. In order to reactivate the station’s computer and make the “Polarstern” find our position, we need to move around the station, work as a team and look for hints that help us to answer the questions which will then be typed in the computer.
Icebear in Arctic