LUBI – Ein Polizist stürzt ab



3D, FX, Keying, Compositing: Sebastian König
Layout, 3D, Keying, Compositing: Falk Johnke
3D: Clemens Beute




Blender, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Embergen



This year we delivered 500 shots, mostly greenscreens, for a German documentary series called LUBI.

It’s 4 episodes about a cop turned criminal almost by accident. They filmed it shortly before he went to jail. And in order to be a bit more flexible about what to show behind him they shot it in front of greenscreen, using multiple cameras (Arri Alexa).

We built 4 different backgrounds, one for each episode, with 4 to 5 different camera angles each. We were glad to have used Eevee, simply because it allowed us to have much quicker iterations. Besides the fact that the director didn’t want it to be too realistic, it should be a bit over the top, not quite photoreal. One of the main requests was “many glowing lights”, and Eevee’s bloom was just perfect for that.

One of the shots required an explosion, and having dealt with Blender’s smoke simulation for a different project just before that (the blow up your money machine) we were happy to use Embergen for it. It’s just superquick, and the workflow with VDBs was fast and easy. The rest of keying, compositing and dealing with colorspace was done in DaVinci Resolve and After Effects.