We are happy to finally provide the first update of our VR viewing and sharing app VRAIS.
We introduced the first version 2 weeks ago at the Blender Conference 2015 in Amsterdam. Now we fixed many bugs and added a few new features such as drag and drop, a new GUI in VR mode and a couple of other improvements.
Get it now on the playstore!
Hopefully soon we’ll have the App Store version too.

Here’s our talk from the Blender Conference

Wait, what exactly is VRAIS?

Since a couple of months we are producing VR content by rendering stereoscopic equirectangular images with Blender and Cycles. These images can be viewed with VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or even better and more affordable the Google Cardboard (well, you still need a decent smartphone for that). We are using Blender to create these renderings.
What we were missing in our pipeline though was a decent image viewer to quickly check our renderings. But since we couldn’t find a good crossplattform, easy to use VR viewing app we decided to build our own. And once we decided to do that, we thought: why not go and make it also a VR gallery where people can share there VR artwork? And because we love Blender, we named it after a famous line from one of the Blender Institute open movies Tears of Steel: „I just want to be awesome in space“:
VRAIS – VR Awesome in Space!


Here’s what it does

VRAIS is two things: A tool for you to view and check your own VR creations, but also to share them with the community in the explore mode. At the same time it’s a great way for people who want to check out virtual reality to visit and explore new worlds.
VRAIS has 3 areas:
Explore, Favorites and Own Images
In the explore mode you can browse images that have been shared by artists from the VR community. If you are logged in, after having registered on www.vrais.io, you can also mark images as favorites. Usually images are being streamed from our server. But you can also enabled an option that keeps your favorite images offline on your phone for faster viewing or for situations when you are not online.
You can also upload your own images on the website and view them with the app. Just like with favorites you can also enable an option to keep them offline.


VRAIS is still in development. There are still some bugs, but we’re working on it! And the gallery could use some more content! So, if you have something to share, feel free to submit your stereoscopic 360° rendering to our gallery (according to our guidelines).

Wanna find out more?

Checkout www.vrais.io!