“CarFace” – Realtime face-tracking tests with Unity3D

Recently blendFX has started to explore interactive worlds. With the new Global Illumination texture baking with Cycles in Blender and the great interaction between Blender and Unity3D it’s a lot of fun to create realtime content. Especially if you combine this with realtime face-tracking techniques you can create very interesting applications. Below is demovideo of our current experiments. If you want to try our little experiment with Unity, head over to http://interactive.blendfx.com... read more

Project Gooseberry

Open Movie Project Last week the Blender Foundation has launched the fundraising campaign for Project Gooseberry, the next Open Movie Project. But unlike the previous Open Movies this will not just be a shortfilm, produced in the Blender Institute, this is going to be full feature film, with12 studios around the world working on it. Pipeline Tools Of course a project of this size requires tools for pipeline management and online collaboration. That’s why the Blender Foundation decided to not only improve Blender but also work on the following things: Content and Asset Management Project Management tools Deploy Open Source Cloud technology Efficient (video) communication channels Sharing of internal CPU and GPU computing For studios and freelancers around the world these would be incredible useful tools, allowing much better workflows and improving working in a team. Blender But also Blender will improve dramatically. Even though the feature set and quality of the software is already remarkable, there is still a lot of areas that have to be improved. Since Gooseberry will be mainly a 3D animation movie it’s time to finally tackle Blender’s dependency graph and also develop a fully multithreaded animation system. And to render out all the cute and fluffy animals the hair simulations will be improved, as well as other simulation tools in Blender. Of course all that will have to be rendered somehow, so the Cycles render engine and the compositor will be worked on too. Benefits We think Gooseberry is an extremely exciting project. Especially because everything will be open and free . That’s an important aspect in today’s industry. If you look at what Autodesk has done to Softimage, and... read more

Zero Weighted Tracks

One of the new things in Blender 2.70 is the Weight setting for tracks in Blender. With zero weighted tracks you can easily measure your scene with lots of markers without affecting your carefully tracked and calculated 3D camera... read more

blendFX.com online

Ok, today is the 3rd of March 2014 and with a delay of one month (yeah!) we now decided to set the status of blendfx.com to “online”. Whatever this means. read more

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